Spicing up the kitchen.

When I was younger, I used to do quite a bit of arts and crafts stuff, but over the last few years, I don’t seem to have found the time. Since we got to Melbourne and life seems to be, finally – dare I say it – settling down a little bit, little projects keep popping into my head.

One of the first ones was to do something creative with the bare wooden spice racks we bought from IKEA for our kitchen. Since space is so limited, and we had a great place for a couple of small spice shelves over the bench, it was the perfect way to create a bit more room, but we had failed miserably in finding anything in the shops that we both liked.

Playing with the flowers

Playing with the flowers

Eventually I bought five cheap, boring spice racks and experimented. I painted one red, but it was pretty awful, so I bought some varnish and pretty wrapping paper with poppies on it to try decoupage instead. It took a long time cutting the flowers, and a few tries to find a combination I liked, but eventually I did … then it took all week to cover them with the three coats of varnish …


Varnishing all the pieces

Varnishing all the pieces

Getting there ...

Getting there …

I’m finally done, and I’m delighted, they look pretty cool (even if you can’t see most of the poppies, I KNOW they’re there!) – it’s nice to have things that are unique, and have a bit of personality. Oh, and I just love having all the spices right there on the bench, rather than digging through a box in the cupboard to find what I want.


I have another project in mind to create some funky photo frames, fingers crossed it won’t take me another few years to get around to that …

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