Goals V2

1. Get the value out of my surfboard! This replaces the “Learn to Surf” goal. I want to figure out how many rentals I’d have got for the price I paid for my surfboard ($600) and use it for that long.

2. Make friends with ten new people from outside work. They don’t have to be close or even lasting friendships, but I want to at least try – maybe see them once or twice after the initial meeting.
Jess (Lucy’s friend I met at the pre-Australia day party) was the first one.

3. Get back into the habit of writing a page a day in my journal – at least most days – and focussing on at least one positive thing that happened.
I suck at this so far – I keep forgetting – but am at least writing in it more.

4. Negotiate a pay rise :)

5. Figure out how to achieve what Anna advised, and get to my “Happy Place” – this is important right now, I’ve been feeling fed up. I’m not too sure how I can describe this, except that I’ll know when I get there.

6. Visit every state in Australia.
It can’t be that hard, there aren’t that many and I’ve already been to New South Wales and Queensland, and going to Western Australia in March.

7. Go on three dates.
*Sigh* yes I have to keep this one from last time.

8. Complete the Seven Languages book. I failed miserably at doing it in seven or even fourteen weeks, but I just wanna finish it … sometime.

9. Publish five new short stories on my Creative page.

10. Publish ten blog posts on my technical blog.