The First Twelve …

When I was planning to come to Australia, I made a list of 12 goals I wanted to accomplish over the year I’m here. I’m hoping that by sharing them, it’ll make it more likely that I achieve them :)

I’m also using this page to track my progress!

1. Learn to surf
16 Nov 11 – Booked a package of three lessons! My first one will be Saturday 19th :)
19 Nov 11 – Made it through lesson 1 and loved it! (Blog post coming soon). Lesson 2 booked for Sunday 27th.
Sometime in Nov – Bought a surfboard! I’m still rubbish but I’m going on with it. I don’t know that I can say that this is “done” but I want to adjust it.

2. Go on three dates.

3. Learn a new programming language reasonably well or get really good at one I already know a bit of, like Ruby. DONE!
17 Nov 11 – Done a lot more work on Ruby, but really hoping to learn Clojure well enough to tick this one off.
Done – I learned Coffeescript on my first project.

4. Find and live in a shared house. DONE!
6th Nov 11 – Found a house!
12th Nov 11 – Moved in!

5. Be ready to take tech lead roles on projects by the end of the year.

6. Teach a diving course. DONE!
13 Nov 11 – Popped into Pro Divers Manly, they advised me to email my CV.
15 Nov 11 – Created a diving CV.
17 Nov 11 – Emailed CV, they rang and I’m going diving with them on Sunday to see how I get on.
20 Nov 11 – Dived off the boat and chatted to Dan (the boss) – planning to join an Open Water course Tues/Thurs, then dive again on Dec 4th.
22 Nov 11 – Assisted on confined dive 1-2 of Open Water – this is getting off to a good start!
Dec 11 – I taught a Discover Scuba course :) OK it’s not open water, but it’s done!

7. Finish or make a significant contribution to an open source project

8. Present at a conference in Oz.
Oct 11 – Added the Mental Models presentation that I did in Berlin with Barry O’Reilly to the Agile 2012 proposals list.
Jan 12 – Planning to present at SydJS in May, and have been asked to present a lightning talk at WebDirections in February. I still need to apply for Agile 2012 officially. I think User Groups count though!

9. Go on a trip away with somebody I met since I arrived. DONE!
Jan 12 – went to Seal Rocks with Andrea and Jamie.

10. Make a list of at least ten places to go and reasons why and go to at least half.
Oct 11 – List started.
Jan 12 – I cheated on this, because I couldn’t find my old list. So my new list includes some places I’ve already been or am planning to go, so I should achieve this one in March! :) Here it is:

  1. Fraser Island (done!)
  2. Fairvale to stay with Yolly and Casey (done!)
  3. Seal Rocks (done!)
  4. Blue Mountains (planned for March)
  5. Cape Tribulation
  6. Barrier Reef
  7. Melbourne
  8. Alice Springs
  9. Margaret River (planned for March)
  10. See where Mum and Dad used to live (planned for March)

11. Organise a study group through twitter and complete seven languages in seven weeks, and blog it.
24 Oct 11 – started a study group while still working in Edinburgh, and kicked it off.
6 Nov 11 – Ruby (chapter 1) completed!
17 Nov 2011 – IO (chapter 2) in progress
24 Nov 2011 – IO (chapter 2) finished and blogged!

12. Go to a kick boxing class. Done!
I have been to a few classes and joined Fight Gym in December – now regularly going boxing twice a week.