Australia Day

I’m always glad of a free day off work, but I have to say it was very strange having a Thursday off for Australia Day. Wednedsay night felt like a Friday, except not really, because there was another work day before the real weekend …

After heading out on the town on Wednesday night with Andrea, Viv and Rachel for a few drinks, it was over to Fabio’s for celebratory lunch and wine. In our group, we had: four Brazilians, an American, two English and one Welsh – not an Aussie among us, didn’t stop us celebrating on their behalf though :)

We had a delicious chilli cooked by Enif, with tortillas and tacos – we all ate far too much, it was sooooo good, and coupled with a glass or two of wine, I was fairly sleepy by around five pm!

Andrea and I went to the beach a bit later but I couldn’t be bothered to surf, I can’t stay on my board at the best of times, let alone when I’m tired and tipsy. She’s getting really good though, standing up and everything, leaving me way behind at the bottom of the class …

I finished the day with a very light dinner and an early(ish) night … only one more day to the real weekend!

Happy Australia Day :)

Pre-Australia Day Party!

With Australia Day fast approaching, Lucy – a friend I met through Rachel, who lives in an apartment in Queenscliff with the most amazing views of the beach – was organising a Pre-Australia Day party. It would be themed, we had to come wearing a flag.

I decided I was up for the challenge, and luckily found some flags in the post office a few weeks ago. I decided to make a long dress by sewing them together and putting elastic around the top, in the handy pocket already sewn into the flags :) It took longer than I had thought since I had to do it all by hand, especially as the flags turned out to be so long I had to hem it up about six inches, but I was pretty happy with the results. At first the dress was really baggy, but a few quickly sewn darts around the waist did the trick and it didn’t look bad at all. I finished it off with red ribbons around the waist and to hold it up with a halter top. It was a great opportunity for some blue eyeshadow and red lipstick to finish the outfit off!

My home made dress!

The party was a lot of fun, especially seeing everybody wearing flags – Lucy had temporary tattoos of the flag to share, and they had decorated the windows of the house with drawings of the opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Most of the girls had used the flag as a dress, the boys had a tougher time, but there were some fun outfits!

I might even wear the dress out on Australia day as well!