Sliding down a sand blow.

Friday was boiling hot and sunny, and we were heading out for a walk. This didn’t quite fit in with my “lazy trip to the beach” theme, but I thought I’d better go, especially given all the yummy junk food I was eating …

We drove a few K’s along the beach and parked up (not on the dunes, since apparently, there is a $25,000 fine for driving on them – ouch!) Yolly strapped Ivy on in the baby carrier, and she was off like a rocket, stomping up the path through the woods. I couldn’t keep up, and neither could Steph with her 7-month baby bump, or Mya in her tiny bare feet!

It wasn’t very long before we came out facing a sandy, pebbly hill, and from the top of it we could see across to another hill, larger, steep and sandy. Like fresh snow on a ski slope, it was almost pristine, smooth soft sand except for one track of footprints. Casey told me this was a sand blow.

Casey and Anthony had brought along a wooden board that looked like a small body board, and they were off already up the hill, dragging it with them. One by one, we followed. The soft sand tried its hardest to make life difficult, slipping beneath our feet – I tried to follow in other people’s footsteps, like stairs, which was a bit less slippy. I didn’t want to go back down once I got up, in case I had to come up again!

Anthony was first to try sliding down the hill. He tried a few times standing up – at first it looked terrifying, but the sand was actually quite wet and the board slid fairly slowly.

Phil was next, and he opted for the head first position, which was a lot more successful, and he had probably one of the best slides of the day, right over Ploy’s towel where she was watching from the bottom. Then the fun bit, he had to drag the board back up for the next person …

I was persuaded to have a go too, but I was fairly hopeless. I didn’t quite have the guts to have a running start like the guys, so I had to use my hands to paddle my way down the slower bits, although I did get a half-decent slide towards the end. The track grew more and more cut up from people climbing back up, kids running across it, and some of the more hopeless sliders among us. The sand underneath, still wet from yesterday’s rain, wasn’t really much good for sliding on, and after a while we had to give up. The guys had one last run on a fresh part of the hill, Anthony cut an impressive path through a bush, and Yolly and Mya climbed up and slid down on their bums.

As we headed off, the hill was covered in holes, footprints and flattened tracks! I’m pretty sure though that after a few hours of the sun drying the sand out and the wind rearranging it, it would have looked like we were never there.

We headed home for some lunch, and a sleep for the kids. Quite enough exercise for one day, I decided, and collapsed on the chair with my Kindle.

(No photos for today … the camera stayed in the car, sadly!)